Friday, October 5, 2007

Friendsnippets on the web.

goodnews for friendsnippets :) 2 french websites have made a news about friendsnippets : LinuxFR and Toolinux .

There is an interresting thread on LinuxFR about friendsnippets wiith very good idees. I'm working to implement some of them currently. More news next week ;)


Adlord said...

I have discoverd the web site by the FRLinux newsletter.

It sounds interresting, but in my opinion, it is a little bit a mess ... !

Most of the programmers are interrested in one / two even three languages, and very few are interrested in all of them.

It would be interresting to have section/RSS feeds by programming language to improve efficiency ...

Section already exists, but are not "clear" enought ...

I've saw an interresting snippet on the RSS feed, but it was written in a language that I'm not interrested in.

It's too bad for such a great idea ... !

benoitc said...

adlord, thanks for your feedback.

i'm currently reworking the interface. Should be up around tuesday. (it take more time than planned)

New interface and some new features with it. More news soon :)